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Shaun Noorian Awarded Most Admired CEO

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Shaun Noorian, CEO of Empower Pharmacy, received the Most Admired CEO Award from the Houston Business Journal for his leadership and career achievements. Noorian's trust in his team has propelled Empower Pharmacy to national recognition as a leading compounding pharmacy. From its modest beginnings in a doctor's office 13 years ago, Empower Pharmacy has grown to include an FDA-registered outsourcing facility and an 85,000 square-foot compounding pharmacy, catering to the rising demand for quality medication nationwide.

Houston, TX | September 2022 — Shaun Noorian, founder and CEO of Empower Pharmacy was selected as an honoree for the Houston Business Journal’s fifth-annual Most Admired CEO Award. This award is given to 45 honorees who exhibit characteristics such as contribution to company success, civic involvement, and career achievement. Through hard work, motivation, adaptivity, and passion, Noorian has helped Empower Pharmacy become the nation’s most advanced compounding pharmacy.

When asked, Noorian attributes this honor to the way he has learned to trust, stating, “What I have learned about effective leadership is that you must surround yourself with people who know more than you do about their own fields, that to put trust in those people means allowing them to show you what they know — from their own life and from their professional experiences.”

Shaun Noorian began Empower Pharmacy 13 years ago in a 150-square-foot space located in the back of a doctor’s office. Since then, Empower has branched out into two locations including an FDA-registered outsourcing facility and a new (2021) 85,000 square-foot compounding pharmacy. These facilities help fill a rising demand for quality, affordable medication for patients in all 50 states.

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