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Yes. As long as your designated representative picking up your medication knows your name and birth date, can provide their personal identification, and is over 18 years of age, they can pick up your prescription.

Yes. You can request a refill through our Prescription Refill page.

Under normal circumstances, Empower Pharmacy does not accept returned products due to governmental regulations. In limited circumstances, Empower Pharmacy may accept returns and/or issue a credit.

For product-return requests and refund requests, customers should contact their account representative or call (877) 562-8577. We will investigate the problem and come to a resolution in a timely manner.

Yes, we would be happy to contact your doctor. Please note: Refill authorization response time from doctors' offices may vary.

We do not refill medications automatically. Many of our medications are prescribed "as needed," and we do not want to bill a patient for medication they may no longer need. Also, if the prescription is automatically refilled and requires shipment, we cannot ensure that the recipient will be present to accept the package once delivered.

We can. If you are a new patient and are interested, we will ask for your email address upon obtaining your demographic information. If you are a current patient and are interested, please call and provide us with your email address so that you may receive tracking information the next time you refill your prescription(s).

The Texas State Board of Pharmacy prohibits pharmacies from re-using medication that has left the pharmacy.

Yes. All of our medications require a prescription from a licensed prescriber. Your healthcare provider can call in your prescription at (877) 562-8577 or fax it to (832) 678-4419.

To receive this discount, we require an issued ID card, badge, or DD214. The following titles apply:

- Military (Army, Airforce, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and Space Force)

- Federal and state law enforcement (including FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS, INS, Air Marshalls, Boarder Patrol, Wardens, and Prison Security)

- Firefighters


- Department of Justice

Yes, we do.

To determine a product’s price, Empower Pharmacy requires a prescription since compounded medications differ from pharmacy to pharmacy. Please contact your prescriber/healthcare provider to obtain a prescription if needed.

Our pharmacists are more than happy to call your doctor or the pharmacy where your prescription is and have it transferred to us.

For the fastest updates you can track your shipping via UPS My Choice. You may also visit the UPS service alerts page at https://www.ups.com/us/en/service-alerts.page, or contact us directly at (877) 562-8577.

Please visit the FDA's website to learn how to dispose of unused medicines.

A member from our Inbound team will reach out to you for each web form inquiry submitted. To ensure the quickest response time, please only submit one web form per inquiry. Submitting more than one may result in a longer response time.  Currently, our turn around time is 3-7 business days depending on the request.

The time to fill/compound each prescription varies. Most orders are shipped within 7 business days if the prescription is received by 7:00 PM CST.

PLEASE NOTE: Upon receiving a prescription from your physician, we will first get your approval before filling the prescription unless otherwise specified.

We hold all medications for two weeks for pick up. During this time, we will have an automated system call you three times to inform you that your prescription is ready for pick up.

When filling out our refill request form, if you would like your prescription shipped to you, please provide shipping details, and select your preferred shipping method.

If you would like to pick up your prescription directly from our facility, please select "Patient Pickup" as your shipping method.

Given the vastness and uniqueness of individualized compounded formulations, it is impossible to list every potential compound we offer. To inquire if we currently carry or can compound your prescription, please fill out the form located on our Contact page or call us at (877) 562-8577.

For controlled substances or high-dollar packages, we require a signature to ensure proper delivery.

As soon as we receive your prescription, you will receive a call from us. We will obtain some basic information from you and discuss payment/shipping options. If you have not heard from us within 24 hours of your physician sending us your prescription, feel free to give us a call at (877) 562-8577.

We will perform an investigation with the shipping carrier to determine if we will be able to initiate a claim. If you have a refill available, we will refill your order to replace the lost package and require a signature to ensure delivery.

We accept cash, FSA cards, and most major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

We source all our medications and active pharmaceutical ingredients from FDA-registered suppliers and manufacturers.

Since many prescribers realize that compounded product testing and quality control vary from pharmacy to pharmacy, many have come to trust Empower based on our reputation of delivering consistent, high-quality compounded medication. We test and produce all our products according to all applicable FDA and USP standards, often above and beyond them. Learn about our quality systems.

Your healthcare provider likely prescribed you a medication that is not available in a traditional retail pharmacy and requires a compounding pharmacy, like ours, to make the medication specifically for you based on your healthcare provider's specifications.

Upon receiving a prescription from your doctor, we do not automatically fill it until we get approval from you to do so.

Because compounded medications are exempt by law from having National Drug Code ID numbers that manufactured products carry, many insurance companies will not directly reimburse the claimant or compounding pharmacy, so Empower does not accept insurance.