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The article highlights the ethos of living the Empower Way, focusing on holistic health and personalized care. It delves into various aspects such as nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness, emphasizing their role in achieving wellness and vitality. Empower Pharmacy advocates for a lifestyle that prioritizes overall well-being, providing guidance and inspiration for individuals seeking to live healthier lives.

Working Together to Expand Access

At Empower Pharmacy our team of over 1,000 employees has joined together to fulfill a company mission to expand access to quality, customized, compounded medicine. Our hard work and experience allow us grow together and our culture is what truly sets us apart. We don’t think of coming to work as a place but as a mindset. We are a collection of ethnically and culturally diverse individuals, with a variety of backgrounds united in building a better future in healthcare.

Our core belief is to serve each other and gain better understanding together to create a better world — we hold a lot of truth in the word “Empower” — and work outside of the lab, office, and distribution centers to make sure our strength makes a positive influence on others around us.

We understand that when we lift others, we elevate ourselves. Recently this has been the case for employees here at Empower Pharmacy who have collectively been striving to embody core behaviors known as “The Empower Way.”

As a benefit of working at the company, employees have been given an opportunity to put a great theory into practice. Each individual employee is allotted eight hours of paid time off dedicated specifically to volunteering. A group from the Marketing and Sales teams have recently found a great way to connect with each other outside of the office while creating stronger communities together.

Strengthening Our Community

The community who was served were families coping with life-threatening illnesses residing temporarily in the Houston Medical Center. Employees took the afternoon and evening to make crafts with, cook for, and serve a meal to those people from across the world staying at Ronald McDonald’s House (RMH) Houston’s Holcombe House while their family members undergo treatment.

The mission of Ronald McDonald House Houston is to offer a home away from home providing care, compassion, and hope to families with seriously ill children being treated in Texas Medical Center member institutions. RMH Houston’s Holcombe House opened its doors in 1997, and expanded to 70 bedrooms in 2018.  During its history, RMH Houston has grown and expanded to meet the changing needs of families. They have remained true to their mission of providing a comfortable, safe, and reliable home away from home.

The event helped Empower employees, ready to serve, put their thoughts into action. “It just shows how much good we can do as a team – beyond what our company does for patients. I think it makes a difference knowing your company cares about a whole lot more,” said Bailey Sistrunk, a marketing coordinator who attended the event.

As we are growing fast and bringing on new team members every day, it’s encouraging when our team is able to communicate and demonstrate the “Empower Way” together outside of the office.

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