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Director of Pharmacy Operations – Jordan Cuccia

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Jordan Cuccia, Empower Pharmacy’s Director of Pharmacy Operations, champions customized therapy options. With adaptability and a patient-centered approach, she drives positive change across departments. Her leadership fosters a positive work culture and enhances patient accessibility to compounded medication.

We are happy to introduce Empower Pharmacy’s Director of Pharmacy Operations and Pharmacist-in-Charge (PIC), Jordan Cuccia. Jordan celebrates the fact that compounding provides alternatives in lieu of “one size fits all” commercially available pharmaceuticals.

She navigates with quick action and adaptability when it comes to the compounding industry’s dynamics. This flexibility allows her to provide top-level care for patients, making her one of the best in her field.  She sees each patient’s needs as unique and feels “it is so important to be able to customize therapy.”

An Alabama native, Jordan earned her Doctor of Pharmacy from Auburn University’s Harrison School of Pharmacy. She has spent the last 4 years impacting the industry as a pharmacist at Empower — starting from an initial position as staff pharmacist in September 2018. Her passion for creating efficiencies in pharmacy operations has driven the company toward its vision of achieving higher levels of patient accessibility to compounded medication.

Since starting out at Empower as a pharmacist she has been carving the path of effective change wherever the need arises.  According to colleagues, Jordan has “touched just about every department since becoming director,” she excels at creating a positive work culture and acts as a driving force, compelling positive performance across multiple departments.

Working for a technologically advanced pharmacy operation like Empower’s 503A compounding pharmacy and 503B outsourcing facility, Jordan admits, I love the growth opportunities Empower has to offer. You can truly make your career what you want it to be.”


Connect with Jordan through her LinkedIn.

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