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Yes. Empower can ship products that are prescribed directly to a patient in all 50 states*. We can contact patients directly and confirm their demographic, billing, and shipping information.

*Shipping capabilities are subject to change.

Yes and no, Empower Pharmacy does not ship every medication directly to clinics in all 50 states.

Controlled substances prescribed to an individual patient cannot be shipped to a clinic and must be shipped directly to a patient.

In compliance with state laws, we do not ship patient-specific prescription products to any clinic in Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, or Oklahoma.

Yes, however, orders made in bulk for office-use only cannot be shipped to clinics in Alabama, Virginia, and California. We can only provide patient-specific prescription products to these states.

Our partner company, Empower Pharma, is registered with the FDA as a 503B outsourcing facility, which allows them to distribute compounds in bulk for office-use.

Yes. Due to state regulations, we must have an active license on file. If you would like to order controlled substances we also require an active DEA registration.

If you need to update any licensing information in our system, feel free to reach out to one of our clinic liaisons at (877) 562-8577.

Setting up an account with Empower requires no additional fee. To speak with a clinic liaison about setting up an account you may fill out a form or call us at (877) 562-8577.

Contact us at (877) 562-8577 and we will work with you to discover your organization’s needs. This is required in order to access a pricing catalog.

There are many ways to order at Empower Pharmacy, with an account. Here is a list of how you can order with us either through prescription or by office-use only.

For both Patient Specific and Office-Use Orders, if you would like to order online you can do so through our login page.

Patient Specific Prescription Orders (503A):

You may either use our portal (see link above), send a fax to (832) 678-4419, call in a prescription at (346) 229-5386, or send a prescription in through EMR.

Office-Use Orders (503B):

You may either use our portal (see link above), send a fax to (832) 678-4419, call in a prescription at (346) 229-5385, or email your order to officeuse@empowerpharmacy.com.

Prescribers can call in patient-specific prescriptions to one of our pharmacists by calling (877) 562-8577 or by faxing the prescription to (832) 678-4419. We can also receive electronic prescriptions or original paper prescriptions directly from patients.

For the fastest updates you can track your shipping via UPS My Choice. You may also visit the UPS service alerts page at https://www.ups.com/us/en/service-alerts.page, or contact us directly at (877) 562-8577.

You must fill out a form or call us at (877) 562-8577  to set up an office-use account.

The time to fill/compound each individual prescription varies. We recommend sending prescriptions to us in advance so that we can ensure your patient's medicine is ready as quickly as possible. Most orders are shipped within 3 business days if the prescription is received by 7:00 PM CST.

At Empower, setting up an account starts with discussing our account requirements with a clinic liaison. To speak with a liaison, you may either fill out a fill out a form or call us at (877) 562-8577.

Yes, we have all providers undergo a qualification process, so we can ensure that our products are prescribed by a licensed provider.

Given the vastness and uniqueness of individualized compounded formulations, it is impossible to list every potential compound we offer. To inquire if we currently carry or can compound your prescription, please fill out the form located on our Contact page or call us at (877) 562-8577.

Yes. Interested healthcare providers will need to submit a completed questionnaire to Empower for approval to order controlled substances for office-use.

No minimum order quantity or value is required to place an office-use order.

If you are experiencing any issues logging into your account either with the LifeFile or Office-Use Ordering Portals, please call us during normal business hours (877) 562-8577.

For quality assurance and compliance purposes, the last office visit date and diagnosis is required on all controlled substances prescriptions. If the prescriber's state is different than the patient's state or where the medication is to be shipped, the last office visit date must fall within 6 months. The last office visit date must be within the last two years for most states. Empower Pharmacy complies with all varying state and federal regulations.

We source all our medications and active pharmaceutical ingredients from FDA-registered suppliers and manufacturers.

Each injectable IV product will have the osmolarity listed on the label located on the vial.

An Empower Pharmacy label with the osmolarity location highlighted.

Please contact our Customer Service Representatives at support@empowerpharmacy.com, and they will call you as soon as possible to answer any questions you may have.

Some of the reasons you may be experiencing issues with placing an order through your portal are:

- one of your licenses is expired

- your credit card is not going through

- the product you are trying to order is on backorder

Please reach out to use at (877) 562-8577 to speak to a clinic liaison that will provide you with assistance.