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Quality Assurance Pharmacist – Sou Nanthavong

Article Summary

Sou Nanthavong, Empower's Quality Assurance Pharmacist, ensures nationwide access to quality drugs. With a vision for global accessibility, she emphasizes technological advancements. Passion drives her commitment to Empower's mission of enhancing patient lives.

Sou Nanthavong is a key figure at Empower Pharmacy and serves as Quality Assurance Pharmacist. Since assuming this role in the company in October of 2022 she has been responsible for developing new processes that improve operations, ensuring quality, customized drug products are available to patients nationwide.

As a leader in the compounding industry, Sou looks forward to a time when all patients around the globe have access to quality, affordable compounded medication. She feels the industry “is moving towards technology and automation to increase efficiency and accuracy.”

Born in Laos and raised in Houston, Texas, Sou earned her Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) from the University of Houston College of Pharmacy. She started at Empower in 2012 as the Pharmacist-in-Charge of all operations and personnel until 2016, when she became Pharmacy Director. Her passion to provide high-quality products to patients has helped drive the company toward its vision of achieving higher levels of patient accessibility to compounded medication.

She describes Empower Pharmacy as “one of the few pharmacies in the nation that can produce high-quality compounded products to prescribers and patients and help improve their quality of life.”


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