Who We AreMaking our mark on the healthcare landscape

At Empower, we’re on a mission to innovate the healthcare industry and propel it into the future.


Purpose, Vision, and Mission

Our Purpose

To be a catalyst for positive change in the healthcare landscape and revolutionize the accessibility of medicine.

Our Vision

To expand access to quality, affordable medication.

Our Mission

To produce innovative medications to help people live healthier, happier lives.



Our people define who we are as a company, and we believe that understanding and addressing the needs of our team, clients, and community is fundamental to fostering a culture of support and growth.

A row of technicians in blue scrubs working at individual work stations.

Quality stands at the core of our mission, reflecting our commitment to excellence in every medication we produce. We uphold the highest standards of safety and efficacy, ensuring the communities we serve receive our best.

A person in full PPE loading a metal bowl on a rack into sterilizing equipment.

We are here to serve others. Every interaction with our patients, providers, employees and other stakeholders comes from a place of service.

A customer standing at the checkout window speaking with a tech.

By continuously exploring new methodologies and embracing technology, we ensure that every solution we offer is at the forefront of pharmaceutical care.

A person in protective clothing using a computer between two pieces of equipment.

Our PeopleMeet our leaders

We pride ourselves on the combined expertise of Empower Pharmacy and Pharma's leaders.

A gray toned headshot of Shaun Noorian, Empower Pharmacy's CEO and Founder.

Shaun Noorian
Founder, CEO & Chairman

Jonathan Abrarpour
Chief Operating Officer

David Meador
Chief Financial Officer

Empower Pharmacy's Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Nicole Braley.

Nicole Braley
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Scott Leuchter
Chief People Officer

Edgar Gonzalez
Interim General Counsel

By expanding access to quality, affordable medication, we are opening doors for providers, patients, and other pharmacies like never before.

Our GrowthA history of growth and innovation

Empower Pharmacy is born

Shaun Noorian, our founder, CEO, & Chairman starts Empower Pharmacy with a vision to provide access to quality, affordable medication to patients like himself.

Building Exterior

Our First FDA Registered 503B Outsourcing Facility Opens

Our first 503B Outsourcing Facility opens, which is designed to meet current Good Manufacturing Practices, scale through automation, enhance patient safety, and ensure the highest confidence in the quality of every product we make.

Nationwide Expansion

Empower Pharmacy becomes the largest compounding pharmacy in the U.S., expanding our reach to all 50 states.

New Compounding Pharmacy

We open the nation's most advanced compounding pharmacy allowing us to leverage cutting-edge automation technology to enhance patient safety and ensure the consistent quality of our products, reaching millions of patients across the country with dependable and effective medications.


Expanding Access

Empower Pharmacy officially fills 15,000 custom-compounded prescriptions a day, helping patients live happier, healthier lives.

An image of the outside of the Eugia Manufacturing Facility soon to be purchased by Empower Pharma.

Facility Acquisition

We expanding our 503B capabilities by acquiring a new 170,000 sq. ft. pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in New Jersey.