Refill Request

Where do I find my RX Number?

Please find your Empower Pharmacy RX Number on your prescription label above your name.

Frequently asked questions

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The time to fill/compound each prescription varies. Most orders are shipped within 7 business days if the prescription is received by 7:00 PM CST.

PLEASE NOTE: Upon receiving a prescription from your physician, we will first get your approval before filling the prescription unless otherwise specified.

We do not refill medications automatically. Many of our medications are prescribed "as needed," and we do not want to bill a patient for medication they may no longer need. Also, if the prescription is automatically refilled and requires shipment, we cannot ensure that the recipient will be present to accept the package once delivered.

Yes, we would be happy to contact your doctor. Please note: Refill authorization response time from doctors' offices may vary.

Yes. You can request a refill through our Prescription Refill page.

When filling out our refill request form, if you would like your prescription shipped to you, please provide shipping details, and select your preferred shipping method.

If you would like to pick up your prescription directly from our facility, please select "Patient Pickup" as your shipping method.