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4 Ways to Expand Your Men’s Health Clinic

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Empower Pharmacy offers a vast product catalog and expertise to bolster your men's health clinic. We attend conferences, customize medications, and prioritize your clinic's success, ensuring quality care and seamless partnerships. Take charge of your clinic's growth with Empower Pharmacy's comprehensive solutions and dedicated support.

How Empower Pharmacy Can Help

As more men are encouraged to take charge of their own health, you have the opportunity to take charge of your men’s health business like never before. Baby boomers are heading into retirement and younger generations, like millennials, are paying close attention to how they physically feel, so your clinic could be in a prime position for impactful growth with these patients Rude, J. (2022). Top health strategies by Generations. Euromonitor.[1] Let’s look at some ways to grow your men’s health business.

#1: Start a Conversation

Depending on the patient, you may have to do some digging to uncover wellness concerns that are deeper than the main reason why the patient has come to see you. For example, if the patient made the appointment to discuss weight management, there are other health and wellness areas that are related to weight management. Use those related areas to open up a bigger conversation. Ask questions about how they’re feeling physically, performing mentally, how often they exercise, if they ever feel down or blue, etc…

For more sensitive topics, like intimacy, you could help them feel more at ease by trying to relate either through your own experiences or using other anonymous patients’ experiences. If your patients know they’re not alone in dealing with certain sexual dysfunction issues, they may be more inclined to talk openly about their concerns and allow you to help them.

#2: Leverage a Comprehensive Catalog

A robust product catalog is key in growing your men’s health clinic. You need a reliable turnaround, a range of product forms and the confidence to know that when you place an order, what you need is in stock. Without these aspects, you could be at risk for delays in treating patients, limited treatment options and stress over when your order will be available again.

Empower Pharmacy can help with all of this. We have a deep product catalog featuring more than 2,600 solutions that have positively impacted patients across the country. And if one of those solutions isn’t the answer, our compounding pharmacists can customize options for your patients. Creams? Injections? Tablets? We have those and are always researching and developing new products. Get in touch to see what else we can do for your clinic. Learn more by contacting a clinic liaison.

#3: Attend Conferences & Events

One of the best ways to stay up to date on emerging therapies, trends and success stories is by attending men’s-health-related conferences and events. They take place all over the country throughout the year, so there is likely one that would benefit your business

The Sexual Medicine Society of North America has an annual meeting; Harvard Medical School hosts a range of conferences throughout the year that touch on men’s health treatments and more. There are also multiple regional and local associations in which members can learn from fellow medical experts and speakers.

Attendees at these types of events also include compounding pharmacy experts like those from Empower Pharmacy. Our team prioritizes attending conferences so we can learn alongside providers, develop partnerships and continue our mission to expand access to quality, affordable medication.

#4: Partner with a Solid Pharmacy Partner

In addition to a comprehensive product catalog, you also need a reputable partner that grows your business with you. That partner should have solutions that can encompass all areas of men’s health whether it’s acne or sexual wellness to allow you to meet your patients where they are and where they want to go.

Empower Pharmacy is that partner because it’s all here. Our deep well of products covers men’s health from top to bottom. We have solutions for those dealing with hair loss and solutions to address nail strength. So, when your patients tell you about their needs, we can help you help them.

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