Empower Pharmacy's Leadership Team embodies a pioneering spirit, unified by the mission to expand access to quality, affordable medication. Guided by innovation in healthcare and manufacturing, our team relentlessly pursues excellence across all facets of our operations. We are steadfast in cultivating a culture anchored in diversity, equity, and inclusion—because we believe quality healthcare is everyone's right.


Circular headshot of Shaun Noorian, Empower Pharmacy's CEO and Founder.
Shaun Noorian

Founder & CEO


Circular headshot of Jasen Bruce, Empower Pharmacy's Chief Revenue Officer.
Jasen Bruce

Chief Revenue Officer


Circular headshot of Jonathan Abrarpour, Empower Pharmacy's Chief Operating Officer.
Jonathan Abrarpour

Chief Operating Officer

Circular headshot of Greg Nicholas, Empower Pharmacy's Chief Information Officer.
Greg Nicholas

Chief Information Officer

Circular headshot of Pat McLean, Empower Pharmacy's Chief Marketing Officer.
Pat McLean

Chief Marketing Officer

Circular headshot of David Meador, Empower Pharmacy's Chief Financial Officer.
David Meador

Chief Financial Officer

Circular headshot of Scott Leuchter, Empower Pharmacy's Chief People Officer.
Scott Leuchter

Chief People Officer

Circular headshot of Jeff Torres, Empower Pharmacy's Chief Compliance Officer.
Jeff Torres

Chief Compliance Officer

Circular headshot of Cyndi Baily, Empower Pharmacy's General Counsel.
Cyndi Baily

General Counsel

Working Together to Expand Access to Quality, Affordable Medication



Compounding Lyophilizer

Board of Directors 

Our Board of Directors is an assemblage of seasoned professionals hailing from engineering, healthcare, technology, and finance sectors, each contributing unique expertise to steer Empower Pharmacy toward unparalleled excellence. Guided by an unwavering commitment to ethical conduct and best practices, they play a pivotal role in shaping our company's risk framework, ethical guidelines, and growth strategies. Their collective wisdom ensures that we continually uphold our mission to expand access to quality, affordable medication.

Compounding Pharmacy Quality

Our Team

At Empower Pharmacy, the cornerstone of our unwavering commitment to quality is our exceptional team. Since our founding in 2009, we've meticulously selected individuals who embody honesty, keen insight, and an unyielding dedication to quality, safety, and service. Through our culture of continuous improvement and rigorously defined internal quality protocols, we empower our team to achieve.

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