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The 3 Most Popular Forms of Testosterone 

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Testosterone therapy offers various options like injections, pellets, and creams to address low testosterone symptoms. Empower Pharmacy provides customizable solutions tailored to patient needs, ensuring convenient administration and effective treatment. With a commitment to quality and affordability, Empower empowers clinics to offer comprehensive testosterone therapy options.

If you think you’ve weighed all the options when it comes to testosterone therapy, it might be worth it to have another look. From injectables to pellets, the list of dosage options is robust…and customizable to patient needs. Keep reading to find out the three most popular forms of testosterone that Empower Pharmacy partner providers turn to for their patients.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Low testosterone levels present themselves through a range of symptoms that prompt men to see their doctor. Concerns like fatigue, brain fog and being overweight may indicate low testosterone levels. Other symptoms like a lower sex drive, testicle shrinkage and depressed mood can also warrant a visit to the doctor.[1] Doctors will run bloodwork on patients to find out if they need hormone replacement therapy and prescribe accordingly.

3 Most Popular Therapies

The type of dosage form depends on a variety of factors including provider or patient preference and patient lifestyle. Empower Pharmacy has testosterone therapy solutions that range from creams to pellets, and the medications can be customized to meet patients’ needs. The three most commonly prescribed dosage forms (by Empower partner providers) are injectables, creams and pellets. Other forms are oral troches and nasal gels.

Testosterone Injection

Testosterone injections are the most commonly prescribed testosterone therapy solution by Empower partner providers. The upsides to this dosage form are that it requires less frequent administration and that if the dosage amount seems off, it can be adjusted throughout treatment. And unlike a testosterone cream, there’s no risk of transmitting the medication to someone else.

Testosterone Pellets

Testosterone pellet therapy patients typically have an active lifestyle, according to what providers have relayed to Empower Pharmacy. This option appeals to those groups because it’s a one-and-done type of administration. The pellet is inserted via a small incision near the buttocks, the pellet releases steady levels of testosterone and patients don’t have to go back to the doctor for a few months.

Testosterone Cream

A topical application, like a testosterone cream, is another popular way to take testosterone. Patients who want to avoid the needle and the pellet incision may find that the cream suits their preferences. The dosage can be adjusted, if needed, because bodies absorb topical treatments differently.

Testosterone Form Alternatives

Oral troches and nasal gels are alternative therapies for patients and providers who prefer not to use injections, pellets or creams. Empower Pharmacy has all these therapies in a range of dosages and, if a patient requires something custom, personalized dosages and forms. Empower can help guide providers on all testosterone therapy options and more.

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