Advanced Facilities

Automated machine filling sterile injection vials

Building The Future

Empower’s facilities consist of more than 200,000 square feet across three buildings in Houston, TX. As a company committed to quality, our primary focus has always been on creating systems using modernization to streamline all processes. With top tier manufacturing capacity, production is fueled by specialized equipment and quality assurance for consistency in production. Our focus on advanced technology and innovation enables our continued expansion of patient access to quality compounded medication.  



210,000 ft2

Our campus of locations includes two 86,000-square-foot buildings, plus an additional 40,000-square-foot facility.



Empower Pharmacy was founded in 2009 by a patient inspired by affordable, quality, customized medication.

CGMP Quality

2 Locations

All of our Houston-based facilities play a role in expanding access to compounded preparations that are delivered around the country. 

Compounding Pharmacy Quality

Innovative Solutions: 503A Compounding Pharmacy 

Our PCAB-accredited compounding pharmacy utilizes technology-driven processes to produce compounded drugs tailored to fit individual patients. To do that, we use the most advanced facilities, a robust system of utilities, modern machinery, and streamlined processes.  


Compounding Pharmacy Quality

Original Location: 503B Outsourcing Facility

State-of-the-art clean-room technology is combined with innovative manufacturing equipment. This is all contained within one of the nation’s most advanced outsourcing facilities: Empower Pharmacy's 503B outsourcing facility. Modernized manufacturing techniques are leveraged for sterile products, such as IV injectables, and nonsterile productions, such as topical ointments.


Compounding Pharmacy CGMP

Newly Built: 503B Outsourcing Facility 

The future looks bright at our future 503B outsourcing facility. Using the latest equipment required for large-scale production, we'll produce even more bulk sterile medications while following sterility assurance protocols for injectable solutions, IV nutrition and bioidentical hormone pellet therapy.