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A front view of the Empower Pharmacy 503A facility in Houston, TX.

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Empower PharmacyOur compounding facility

Our PCAB-accredited compounding pharmacy was built from the ground-up and designed with the industry’s highest quality standards. We utilize the latest pharmaceutical technology-driven processes to produce compounded drugs tailored to fit individual patients. As a nationally licensed facility, we are committed to ensuring widened access and quality in every aspect of our company.

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Advanced MethodolgyDesigned for scalable quality

People in protective clothing working under a sterile hood.

Quality Assurance

Our commitment to quality is driven by a team of highly qualified industry leaders and professionals fully equipped with the most state-of-the-art resources available. Our cutting-edge technology and advanced facilities ensure controlled success throughout our processes. A defined set of controls enable customization, at-scale production, and shipments made directly to millions of patients across the country. Our commitment to quality is leveraged with the ability to produce hundreds of formulas of varying strengths, dosage forms and dosage combinations to truly customize the patient experience.

A person in protective clothing using a computer between two pieces of equipment.


At Empower, our use of specialized equipment ensures quality assurance and consistent production outcomes. As an engineer-led organization, our focus remains steadfast on developing systems and pioneering technologies. These advancements streamline all processes, reinforcing our commitment to innovation.

Machinery filling vials.


Our equipment portfolio showcases advanced pharmaceutical technologies, including automated sterile filling lines, decontamination chambers, clean steam generators, and purified water systems, all chosen for their exceptional efficiency. This lineup, from tablet presses and automated capsule fillers to asymmetric centrifugal mixers, is designed to accelerate compounding processes while allowing us to employ economies of scale.

A person in full PPE using a sterile hood.


Utilities like steam, air, and water are engineered for sterility assurance and implemented throughout all connected systems. We use evaporator-purified water and HEPA grade air handling units to sanitize equipment, components, and provide proper humidification in our cleanrooms.

A person in blue scrubs operating machinery.

Facility Methodology

Our commitment to quality starts with investing in our people and facilities. We focus on hiring team members dedicated to quality, safety, and service, implementing an improvement policy and internal quality procedures to measure and enhance performance through collaboration and innovation in all aspects of our operations.


Going beyond, in every step. It’s not just what we do but how we do it. Quality systems, advanced technology and top-tier facilities across the country.

503A vs 503BDiscover the Difference Between a Compounding Pharamcy and an Outsourcing Facility 


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Empower Pharmacy is our 503A pharmacy that compounds medicine tailored to individual patients based on prescriptions submitted by their healthcare providers. We partner with practitioners and clinical organizations to ensure that patients gain access to high-quality and cost-effective medications.





Empower Pharma is our FDA-registered 503B outsourcing facility that manufactures medication in bulk tailored to the needs of specific patient populations.  We partner with healthcare businesses, practitioners, and pharmacies to ensure that patients gain access to high-quality and cost-effective medications.