Mission – To be the premier compounding pharmacy and outsourcing facility delivering innovative pharmaceutical solutions to patients and providers.

Vision – Expand access to quality, affordable medications.


The three core values that guide everything we do:


We realize that our people define who we are as a company; therefore, we strive to attain, train, and retain the best in our industry.

CGMP Quality

We utilize the latest processes, facilities, and technologies to ensure continuous access to quality medications.

24hr avg. turnaround time

We are here to serve others. We conduct our dealings with honesty and respect for our patients, customers, suppliers, employees, and competitors.

Happy Customer

Keeping our patients happy

Empower takes immense pride in providing all of our patients with a broad list of wellness products to improve their quality of life. We are devoted to utilizing the most recent technology so that it can build and deliver various wellness products at an affordable cost. Our company mantra is to focus on keeping our employees happy so that they can keep our patients happy.

Pharmacy Diversity

Building a better world through the lens of diverse people

Empower is dedicated to being a first rate corporate citizen. We don’t look at ourselves as a company but as a conglomeration of people with racially, ethnically, and culturally diverse backgrounds. These diverse backgrounds engender us to view the world from a broad perspective and helps us better understand the needs of our community.

Work With Us

Compounding Automation

Using technology to build and deliver better wellness products faster

Empower is always looking to apply any technology and processes that will enhance the lives of both our patients and employees. Our belief is to mix our dedicated employees with the best technology and processes to perpetually ensure our patients' well being. We equate best technology and processes as a means to a better community for our patients.