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Customer Hall of Fame Awarded to Dr. Lipshultz

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We are excited to announce Empower Pharmacy’s inaugural Practitioner Hall of Fame Award (2022) was presented to Baylor College of Medicine’s Dr. Larry Lipshultz. Dr. Lipshultz is a Houston-based urologist with clinical interests in male infertility, erectile dysfunction, and age-related changes in hormone levels.  

With over 400 published journal articles, Dr Lipshultz serves on editorial boards of several major journals and also edited Urology and the Primary Care Practitioner (3rd Edition Dec. 2008) and Infertility in the Male (4th Edition Nov. 2009) -- two commonly used textbooks. He is a teacher, researcher, writer, and editor, who also instituted a fellowship training program in male reproductive medicine and surgery.  

Dr. Lipshultz was pleased to receive the award and stated, “I am grateful to have worked with Empower Pharmacy for many years now. I have been able to find a compounding pharmacy partner that offers quality, low cost, customizable compounded medications serving my patient community’s unique needs.” 

The award takes the following criteria into consideration: Community Impact, Corporate Stewardship, Health-Awareness, Leadership and Innovation within the industry. The honoree supports the culture of expanding access to quality, affordable medication. In conjunction with advancing public health, this award is an achievement proudly presented to those who are effectively impacting their patients through innovation in healthcare.


Connect with Dr. Lipshultz through his LinkedIn.