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Women’s Health Is More Than Just Hormones

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Empower Pharmacy launches a resource for women's health, providing custom medications and articles on various topics like sexual dysfunction and menopause. Their focus on innovation and quality reflects leadership in compounding pharmacy.

We know that for most providers, women’s health is more than just hormones and can include menopausal, pelvic and sexual health. This is why we are excited to announce a new interactive resource. We have developed a one-stop solution for custom medications tailored to your patients’ needs.

Female sexual dysfunction, menopause, hormone replacement therapy, weight management, anti-aging, and other related articles are now available on a new webpage dedicated to the integrative approach to women’s health. Our new resource addresses common questions and offers a full formulary listing of both compounded and commercial medications.

With a focus on innovation, we are glad to provide our customers with accessible, up-to-date, extensive resources that promote positive patient outcomes. We are proud to embrace our responsibility as leaders in the compounding pharmacy space with continued excellence, producing an array of options in the form of compounded drugs for providers who take an integrative approach to women’s healthcare.

At Empower Pharmacy, a PCAB-accredited compounding pharmacy and FDA-registered 503B outsourcing facility following strict CGMP guidelines, it is our vision to expand access to quality, affordable medication to patients across the US experiencing Menopause, dealing with Pelvic Health and Sexual Health.

This means we are always seeking ways of improving our compounded medications, products, systems, and communications to improve the patient and provider experience.

Learn more about what your patients are looking for by visiting our new Women’s Health page.

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