Custom Packaging Solutions

We can help your team leverage your company's brand with white-label shipping. Controlling the patient experience means guiding customers the moment a prescription package arrives. Explore final touch options like Private Label Shipping Boxes, Customized Product Boxes, Custom Printed Material, and Custom Rx Pouches that truly enhance your unique brand.



Closed kraft brown cardboard box on left is behind another opened kraft brown paper box with white interior and royal blue logo.

Shipping Boxes

Printed with your company’s logo, custom private-label shipping boxes make a lasting first impression on patients and customers. We work with exceptional vendors who use top-rated highest quality materials for a sophisticated end product. Under your direction, we will develop your organization's appropriate look and feel to reinforce your patient's brand loyalty.


Five white rectangular boxes with royal blue logos reading Super Clinic are lined up in two rows with two smaller boxes in the front row and three larger boxes in the back row.

Product Boxes

A private-label product box adds protection during shipping and conveys its own story to your customers. They come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate the hundreds of products we offer. Product boxes are fully customizable, and we can create a customized look, inclusive of our various healthcare provider’s individual needs. Whether the products contained are creams, injections, nasal sprays, vials, capsules, or any other dosage form.

Four all-white rectangular folded paper inserts are lined up at an angle, each one overlapping the other, with black font reading Topi-CLICK for the first and the second reading Subcutaneous Injection Instructions.

Custom Printed Material

Appropriate instructions, safety warnings, personalized messages, and other integral resources are a standardized element of any shipped package -- especially when it comes to medication. Our HIPPA compliance allows us to help your patients and your business thrive with patient-specific information presented professionally and uniquely.

Paper inserts and notecards offer customers the essential information they need to continue the path of their wellness from the comfort and safety of their own homes.


Two white zipper-closed plastic pouches are standing up, one overlapping the other, on a white background. Both bags have blue logos with Super Clinic on them.

Custom Rx Pouch

Rx pouches, sturdy plastic re-closable zipper bags, provide added shipping protection. Using Rx bags provides a polished and professional appearance that both protects the product boxes and pads the shipping boxes with a weather-resistant barrier. A loyal customer might choose to recycle for future transport as a convenient reusable travel bag for other products. Rx Pouches are a subtle way for your company to continue to advertise after a product is no longer being used – maybe even serve as a reminder to refill a prescription or reorder favorite items as a subscription incentive.

Two women, one white with a blond ponytail, the other African-American with red ponytail, both wearing black face masks and royal blue scrubs are working at opposite ends of a pharmacy workstation facing computer screens with various bottles in shelves.

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