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Compounded Melatonin Benefits

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A good night’s sleep can change everything – mood, work efficiency, you name it. Regularly getting a good night’s sleep is even better for long-term health. That’s why plenty of people turn to melatonin because they believe it will help them sleep longer and with less interruption. Some prefer over-the-counter melatonin, but while OTC melatonin products are easy to obtain, research and recent news articles show that what’s on the label isn’t always what’s actually inside145. However compounded melatonin can be a more reliable option and put providers and patients at ease.

Benefits of Customized Melatonin Capsules

Empower Pharmacy offers compounded melatonin solutions that can be tailored to a patient and in varieties not found in common OTC products. The melatonin is available in capsules, in slow-release and immediate-release form and in a wide range of strengths. Not only that, but it is compounded in a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical facility to deliver accurate dosing. And because we can take it a step further and customize when necessary, providers have multiple options when prescribing melatonin to address their patients’ needs. 

A secondary benefit of compounded melatonin is an enhanced patient-provider relationship. Patients can be reassured that their melatonin was prescribed by a licensed provider and that their prescription was filled by compounding experts. So, what patients see on the label is what's inside, every time.

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Melatonin Uses

The most common reason why people take melatonin is to help them with sleep2. In fact, melatonin is the fourth most popular natural product taken by American adults1.  

Melatonin is a hormone in the body that’s connected to sleep patterns. Its levels tend to decrease with age2. When patients take melatonin, the hormone seems to regulate their internal “sleep clocks” to help them fall asleep faster and possibly stay asleep longer. That’s why it’s especially effective in treating jet lag and insomnia3

In addition to jet lag and insomnia, taking melatonin may also help regulate sleep disturbances in some people due to depression or rotating shift work3

The provider-patient relationship is key when determining whether a patient should be prescribed melatonin and, if so, in what dosage level. 




The Empower Difference

Empower Pharmacy is dedicated to expanding access to quality, affordable medication. Providers and patients looking for melatonin options should look no further than Empower’s full product catalog to explore potential solutions for sleep concerns and other wellness issues.

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