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Shaun Noorian Receives HBJ Innovation Award 2022

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The article discusses Shaun Noorian's recognition with the HBJ Innovation Award 2022 for his innovative contributions to the pharmaceutical industry. Shaun received the award for his dedication to providing advanced solutions and services, showcasing his commitment to excellence and innovation. The recognition underscores Empower Pharmacy's position as a leader in driving advancements and improving healthcare outcomes through its innovative approaches.

Shaun Noorian, founder and CEO of Empower Pharmacy was selected as an honoree for the Houston Business Journal’s fourth-annual Innovation Award for his accomplishments in 2022. This award is given to 14 of Houston’s top companies exhibiting innovation across all facets of the business community. Empower Pharmacy is known for providing healthcare solutions and transforming the pharmaceutical industry. This innovation award represents Empower’s continued path to success and advancement in the pharmaceutical compounding industry.

When asked, Shaun Noorian attributes the success of the pharmacy to others, stating “I am so proud of the team I am honored to work with. The industry leaders who make Empower Pharmacy a quality-driven operation are always seeking out the most advanced technology and processes available on the market.”

Houston Business Journal is a media/news company located in Houston, Texas. They are the leading provider of local business news for the greater Houston area. Their focus is on informing local business professionals of trending events, as well as providing tools to help businesses grow, network, and hire.

Shaun Noorian has been innovating in Houston since he began Empower Pharmacy 13 years ago in a 150 square foot space located in the back of a doctor’s office. Since then, Empower has branched out into two locations including an FDA registered outsourcing facility and a new (2021) 85,000 square-foot compounding pharmacy. These facilities help fill a rising demand for quality, affordable medication for patients in all 50 states.


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