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3 Ways to Optimize Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Therapy

Article Summary

The article discusses the importance of integrating hormone pellets like testosterone and estrogen for operational success in hormone replacement therapy. It provides tips on stocking, sourcing from reliable partners like Empower Pharma, and maintaining profitability without compromising patient care.

In a 2021 report, 62.8% of physicians admitted having experienced burnout.[1] What role does professional exhaustion play in your practice? For healthcare providers who are continuously looking into emerging therapy, one way to avoid frustration is to lay some basic ground rules. Consider all your options, pose a few questions. Here are a few simple tips to navigate the process.

Stock, Source, & Profitability

One of the best practices in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy involves integrating hormone pellets such as testosterone pellets and estrogen pellets. For operational success when integrating hormone pellets, providers can use strategic tools to help them navigate the process. This can be condensed to three simple tips:

1) Stock:

Keep both testosterone pellets and estrogen pellets in stock to avoid back orders — which can cause both provider and patient dissatisfaction or “burnout”.

2) Source:

Find a reliable partner. An outsourcing facility is a dependable resource for bioidentical hormone pellets. Empower Pharma offers pellets in addition to many other quality products under one roof. So many options solve a clinic’s problems, providing ways of streamlining the backend of clinic operations such as administrative tasks. Doctors who are constantly getting sidetracked with recordkeeping and administrative requirements can prevent their own exhaustion when they partner with the right company for all their needs, not just pellets.

3) Profitability:

Keeping costs low and revenue high with pellets can be simple.

  • Price Transparency Aim for a third-party vendor who can clearly outline their pellet prices.
  • Keep Your Profits Avoid companies who require you to pay them a percentage of your profits.
  • Avoid Commitment Look for someone with zero binding contracts and no exclusivity clauses – choosing a pellet vendor that suits your needs, not theirs.

Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Questions

Here are some common questions that may offer a bit of relief for many clinicians who are excited, yet possibly hesitant, to take a part in the emerging market of hormone replacement therapy.

How can I keep bioidentical hormone pellets in stock?

Keeping bioidentical hormone pellets in stock is done best through automation. Empower Pharma’s 503B outsourcing facility offers automated, scalable high-volume production with the most advanced technology available on the market. An automated tablet press, metal detector, checkweigher and ampoule sealer ensure quality and efficiency of our pellets. Most pellets are filled and sealed automatically, and all ampoules are hermetically sealed using open flame technology. Since most of our process is done using automation rather than by hand, we can assure providers that we have stock ready for them at the time of ordering.

How do I know if a source for hormone pellets is reliable?

Determining the quality of proprietary hormone pellets can be simple. Although there are various sterilization processes at all kinds of compounding pharmacies — high-quality pellet production, in scalable volume, requires an innovative terminal sterilization protocol.

A terminal sterilization protocol, as defined by the USP, is the application of a “lethal process to sealed containers” to maintain sterility.[2] This could refer to how an autoclave uses steam under pressure, for example. In the end, what a lethal process does is achieve a certain level of sterility assurance.

Bioidentical hormone pellets produced at Empower Pharmacy’s FDA-registered outsourcing facility undergo a 3rd party terminal sterilization via “e-beam.” This is where an electronic beam penetrates the ampoules. Moving almost at the speed of light, an e-beam eliminates any room for error by inactivating microorganisms.

How do I offer pellets and still maintain profitability?

Sourcing pellets at Empower Pharma helps providers keep profits where they belong – at their clinics. Our hormone pellets, along with all our products, have zero associated fees. We have no contracts. And unlike our competitors, we take no portion of a clinic’s profits. At our 503B outsourcing facility, innovation and scalability equal high-quality products, in bulk, at a low cost, period. We help you increase your revenue intake without needing to take a portion of what you are earning.

Sourcing pellets from us increases your patient flow without tapping into any of your revenue stream.

Empower Hormone Pellets

Here are pellets we offer from Empower Pharma, our FDA-registered 503B outsourcing facility.

Testosterone Pellets

  • Testosterone Pellet 12.5 mg
  • Testosterone Pellet 25 mg
  • Testosterone Pellet 37.5 mg
  • Testosterone Pellet 50 mg
  • Testosterone Pellet 100 mg
  • Testosterone Pellet 200 mg

Testosterone Cholesterol Pellets

  • Testosterone Cholesterol Pellet 12.5 mg
  • Testosterone Cholesterol Pellet 25 mg
  • Testosterone Cholesterol Pellet 37.5 mg
  • Testosterone Cholesterol Pellet 50 mg
  • Testosterone Cholesterol Pellet 100 mg
  • Testosterone Cholesterol Pellet 200 mg

Estradiol Pellets

  • Estradiol Pellet 6 mg
  • Estradiol Pellet 10 mg
  • Estradiol Pellet 12.5 mg
  • Estradiol Pellet 25 mg
  • Estradiol Pellet 37.5 mg
  • Estradiol Pellet 50 mg

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