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Vice President of Sales Operations – Amber Witherbee

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The article profiles Amber Witherbee, Vice President of Sales Operations at Empower Pharmacy, highlighting her expertise and contributions to the company. Witherbee is recognized for her leadership in driving sales operations, ensuring the delivery of personalized medication solutions to patients. Her role underscores Empower Pharmacy's commitment to providing high-quality pharmaceutical services and advancing personalized healthcare initiatives.

Empower Pharmacy is pleased to announce the promotion of Amber Witherbee to Vice President of Sales Operations, the first position of its kind at Empower.

Amber joined the Empower family as a Sales Operations Manager in 2018 during a transitional time in the compounding industry. She built the Company’s first specialized sales department and developed it into the most advanced sales operation in the industry as increased demand for personalized medicines fueled rapid market growth. She also implemented specialized sales teams and processes to propel Empower’s mission of expanding access for millions of patients across the U.S.

Amber’s execution of high-level marketing campaigns and oversight of onboarding programs specific to business development surpassed expectations. She structured the sales-operations model that has driven Empower far beyond revenue goals. By gaining more than 50% annually through new customer acquisition and customer retention, she has gone beyond her duty to grow the Company into the largest compounding pharmacy in the US.

As Empower’s new Vice President of Sales Operations (VPSO), Amber will continue to develop systems and technology to ensure sales teams reach their targets while driving efficiency, excellence, and optimizing the sales process every day. The VPSO creates predictable revenue by streamlining the sales process with best practices and automation. While supplying important revenue intelligence to Company decision-makers, Amber is responsible for creating higher-level strategies that drive increased productivity and top-line growth across the Company. She also serves as the key liaison between customer-facing functions and ensures alignment among operational teams and growth strategies

Amber and her team create the opportunity to serve integrative physicians in any community, ultimately providing wellness medications to millions of patients who depend on these treatments.

She knows the compounding industry provides access to customized medications and emphasizes that compounding is a complete shift in healthcare. “What we do brings value to providers while improving the overall quality of life of the patient,” she says.

Amber has held positions of increased responsibility throughout her career, including Inside Sales Representative, Marketing Account Manager and National Sales Director. After a year with Empower Pharmacy, she was promoted to Director of Sales Operations. Career awards include Top Sales Performance, Excellence in Sales Management and recognition in the Emerging Leaders Program.

A Pittsburgh native and graduate of Penn State University, Amber holds a Bachelor of Science in Food Science & Nutrition.

Connect with Amber through her LinkedIn.


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