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Empower provides access to personalized, affordable compounded medication through innovation with a commitment to quality and service.

A front view of the Empower Pharmacy 503A facility in Houston, TX.

At Empower, we proudly stand as a pioneering force in the realm of high-quality compounded medicine, setting benchmarks for excellence within the industry. Our cutting-edge automated facilities are meticulously crafted for scalability, ensuring our continuous advancement in an ever-evolving landscape. This commitment to innovation is exemplified by the prestigious PCAB® accreditation of our 503A operation and the stringent adherence of our 503B facility to the FDA's CGMPs.

Under the visionary leadership of our Founder and CEO, Shaun Noorian, we maintain an unwavering dedication to superior processes, thus establishing ourselves as a beacon of quality within the industry. Our steadfast commitment not only sets us apart but also upholds unparalleled standards of excellence, influencing the future trajectory of compounding across diverse healthcare sectors.

With unparalleled growth within the compounding sphere, bolstered by our adaptive strategies and innovation, we stand poised for exponential progress while enhancing profitability and maximizing stakeholders benefits. Our commitment to exceptional service and holistic healthcare solutions consistently surpasses the expectations of our valued customers and stakeholders, spearheading a transformative paradigm shift towards progressive integrative care and specialized solutions.

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