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How to Use a Topi-CLICK Perl®

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The Topi-CLICK Perl® simplifies the process of applying vaginal medications by providing a metered dispenser and applicator, allowing users to dispense precise amounts of medication as specified in their prescription, with instructions outlining steps for opening the device, attaching the applicator, dispensing the medication, and detaching the applicator for use.

What Is a Topi-CLICK Perl®?

A Topi-CLICK Perl® is a device used for applying vaginal medications. Specifically, it is part of a vaginal dosing kit that includes a metered dispenser (the Perl) and a vaginal applicator. The kit allows the user to accurately apply a prescribed amount of vaginal medication. Below are directions for how to use a Topi-CLICK Perl®.

How to Use a Topi-CLICK Perl® Vaginal Dosing Kit

  1. Flip the Perl shell cap open by placing your thumb under the tab and pushing upward.
  2. Snap the applicator onto the Perl’s receptor port. Please note that the plunger should be fully inside the applicator.
  3. Turn the base of the Perl so that it clicks the number of times specified in the instructions on your prescription label. This will dispense the prescribed amount of medication into the applicator. Keep the Perl vertical when dispensing into the applicator. Each click dispenses 0.25 mL of medication accurately, so the applicator does not need metered lines to show how much has been dispensed (see dosing section below).
  4. While holding the Perl vertical, lean the applicator to one side until it releases from the receptor port.

Topi-CLICK Perl® Dosing

  • 1 click = 0.25 mL
  • 2 clicks = 0.50 mL
  • 3 clicks = 0.75 mL
  • 4 clicks = 1 mL

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